Adam Barr-Neuwirth


(Consultant) Built leagues and metagame features for Triumph's real-money mobile game tournaments.

(Co-founder) Full stack web app IDE fully contained in the browser. DB, debugging, user auth, file storage, AI assistence, and more out of the box. #2 Product of the Day on Product Hunt. One of the best things I've worked on but utterly uneconomical - I hope one day someone will make this concept work.

(Founder) Venture backed SaaS for game developers to quickly add social competition to their games, 7m+ end users.

EasyGift and EasyScan (acq)
(Founder) Built two Shopify apps to make running a store easier. Sold too early to a larger company.


Silna Health

If you have real experience in an operationally intensive industry and a reasonable idea for how AI can improve margins AND product quality, I want to help you. Please email me.